We all love our sleep and it’s an essential part of our routine that keeps us sane and refreshed.  In its absence, we face numerous mental and physical health problems not to mention it can make us just a little bit cranky.  A sleep of six to eight hours is recommended by experts, and even though we might be getting that much sleep, it still may not be enough. Some of us still feel fatigued and exhausted even though we’re not indulging ourselves in any kind of strenuous activity.

Sleep hygiene refers to the application of good sleep practices to ensure proper sleep at night. These practices run the gamut from limiting the number of power naps and naps in general to lessening the intake of substances that disturb our sleep patterns, such as caffeine or sugar. These practices also include working out and refraining from eating certain foods before bedtime. The environment of your room can also play a role in regulating your sleep. Room temperature, light and sound frequency are some of the factors that affect your sleep hygiene.

Although, window treatments do not play a direct role in improving your sleep hygiene, they can increase the comfort levels of your surroundings to ensure better sleep at night.  Here’s how they can do it.


Window treatments make you feel safe and secure

Humans tend to harbor a fear of the unknown in them, when they are in unsecure environments. Your mind won’t achieve a state of peace and security, if it senses that your surroundings are unsafe. You will not be able to sleep if your privacy isn’t protected.  Windows treatments can make sure that no one can peak into your room, and scare the bajesus out of you. Thick and opaque window treatments are a necessity, if you do not want your security and privacy to be tattered.


Window treatments block the passage of light

Light can hinder your sleep and disturb your sleep patterns. Even if a single ray of light is penetrating your windows, it can disrupt your sleep. The commotion of vehicles and neighbors can also disturb your sleep. Moreover, if you’re doing a night job and sleep during the day, the glaring morning sun can keep you up, and make you feel exhausted and fatigued throughout the night. A simple and effective solution to all these hindrances is roller blinds that block the passage of sunrays and light from other sources

Window treatments can reduce noise

Noise can interrupt your sleep, and keep you awake for hours. Noisy neighbors and other sources of noise can easily disrupt your sleep. Such a situation makes you wish for well insulated and thick windows that alleviate noise levels, and make it easy for you to go to bed.  Roman blinds and wooden blinds can all be used for reducing noise, and paving the way for a better and improved bedtime.


Window treatments keep your bedroom a more comfortable temperature

Heat from external sources can change room temperature, and affect your sleep patterns. Drafts can provide insulation and keep the room cool, and an ideal place to sleep in. Choosing the right window treatment for your bedroom is your go to solution for tackling this room temperature problem.  Our sun screen range can help reduce the summer heat during the day therefore keeping your room cooler in the evening.  Our thermal blinds do an excellent job at in trapping in the warmth for those long cold nights of winter.

At Urban Blinds all our blinds come with slimline controls to reduce the light gap between the window frame and the blind and can be installed either inside or outside the window frame.  Check out these handy guides to learn more about the best option for you or give our friendly team a call.  

have you thought about light gaps when considering new blinds

inside versus outside fit

new slimline double brackets

things to consider when sizing up new blinds