Motorised blinds are becoming a more affordable option than ever, and at Urban Blinds we recognise the importance of offering new, exciting products that meet the demands of today.  This is why we provide a series of Mains powered and Lithium-Ion powered motors that are versatile, easy to use and beautifully designed to suit any home that can be either controlled with a hand held remote or part of an automated smart home.  Check out our list of the top benefits of motorised blinds to see how they could enhance any room in your house:


Easy to use

Any blinds you buy from Urban Blinds have been tested and designed for maximum ease of use, but motorised blinds take this one step further. Being able to open and close your window treatments at the touch of a button is a great step in modernising home furnishings, and what’s more, you can even precisely control the height of your blinds with the remote.


Lithium battery powered

You may be worried that motorised blinds either require a nearby electrical outlet, or would lead to the unsightly appearance of cables lined along walls. At Urban Blinds, our window treatments are different – they operate efficiently with a lithium battery power pack that is designed to power blinds for many hours of usage while being discreet and aesthetically pleasing.


Operate from a distance

Our motorised blinds are equipped with a powerful receiver and hand held remote meaning you can easily control blinds and select their desired height from up to 15 meters away. This technology allows you to open and close blinds throughout your home from one location with ease.


Safely control window treatments that are otherwise hard to reach

Being able to control blinds from a distance also means that motorised blinds are perfect for windows in those difficult to reach places. Say goodbye to the days of standing on furniture and swatting at cords – with motorised blinds you no longer should work any harder than simply pushing a button.


Control up to 15 blinds with a single remote

All our motorised blinds come with a powerful remote control that can be configured to control up to 15 different blinds. This not only means you won’t be juggling between multiple remotes and trying to remember which one controls which blinds, but will allow you to effortlessly operate all the blinds in your home.


Available in a wide variety of styles

Efficiency and simplicity should not come at the cost of choice, which is why at Urban Blinds, we custom make all our motorised blinds to your specific requirements.  You can choose from a large range of NZ tested sunscreen, block out, and thermal fabrics that are made to your exact measurements and colour choice to enhance any window in your home.


Call us now to talk to one of our motorisation experts and tell us all about your next project.