All our double roller blinds come standard with the latest design slim line double bracket.  If you are after a solution where you can mount both a thermal or black out, and a sunscreen in the same window then this is the solution for you.


double bracket no logoTraditionally double brackets were big and unsightly and protruded outside of the window frame.  In fact you still see a lot of this old type of bracket being offered today.  At Urban Blinds we can provide our new slim line brackets that are aesthetically pleasing and allow you to mount two blinds in the same window.   You can also decide if you want to control them with a chain or step up to our wirefree or mains powered motors.

Double blind configurations are becoming more popular due to their ability to provide thermal protection during the colder winter months and UV protection during our hot summer days.  You get the best of both worlds (or seasons).


If you have any questions or you want to learn more then please reach out and contact us.


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