There really isn’t any right or wrong way.  It comes down to personal preference and any limitations with the window itself.  Check out the info below where we explore the pros and cons of each option.


Inside mount

This is when your blinds are installed nicely inside the window frame.  It is our most popular choice as it provides a clean and finished look to the window.  It also allows you to show off any details you may have around the window frame.  Installation is also a lot easier as you mount the brackets in the corners and a lot of frames are wooden allowing you to easily screw them in.

Inside mounted blinds are great when you want to use them to compliment other furnishings as they won’t hinder your ability to open and close your curtains or anything else you may want to hang over your window.

If you are looking at automating with our mains powered motors then inside mounting allows you to discreetly hide the power cable as it feeds into the window frame and is concealed from view by the blind.

We use discreet brackets on all our blinds.  The brackets are even more discreet when installed inside the frame.

When measuring for inside mount it is important to be as accurate as possible with the width as there is less margin for error inside the frame.  Measure in millimetres and don’t round up.

Sometimes inside mounting may not be practical, i.e

  • The depth of the window frame is less than ~50mm.  Our brackets are 40mm and the fabric roll is usually around 50mm.  The fabric may extend outside the frame or you may not have room for the bracket.  We find in NZ that some of the architectural window profiles that are available make it difficult to inside mount your blinds
  • Obstacles such as window handles and mullions may be in the way when you lower the blind.  Front rolling the fabric on the blind may help with this.
  • You want to block out all the light.  You still get a small gap on the left and right edge (~15mm) due to the components that control the blinds 


Outside mount

Mounting your new blind outside the frame on either the architrave itself or just above it is a great choice when you like to block out as much light as possible.   If you have an ‘unfashionable’ window that you wish to hide then this could also make for an easy, cost effective solution.  If you can’t inside mount them due to any of the reasons mentioned above then outside mounting is a viable choice. 

If you are after double blinds to provide both a sunscreen and a thermal / blackout option for the same window and inside mounting is not practical due to space then it’s more than acceptable to mount the sunscreen fabric as an inside fit and mount your thermal / blackout fabric as an outside fit.

If you simply prefer the look of outside mounting your blinds then go ahead, it really comes down to personal taste.

If you are unsure on the best approach then please reach out to the team at Urban Blinds.  We are here to help.