You’ve finally made the wise choice of replacing old worn out window coverings in your home with new ones. You’ve done your homework, analysed the advantages and disadvantages of different choices, and have a mental image of your windows covered with blinds. All that’s left to do is to find a place that offers superior quality products at cost-effective prices. 

At Urban Blinds, we understand that buying blinds can be a complicated process that requires great attention to detail.  We have enlisted some pointers to help you in this regard, so that you can make an informed choice.


Make a choice that takes into account both beauty and function

Your new window coverings can change the entire look of your home. They can bring drastic changes in the overall appearance of your living room, kitchen, dining room etc. But it’s unwise to select window treatments, based solely on how they look, and how they’ll complement the surrounding walls and furniture in your home.  Ensure your blind choice is going to offer the functionality that you require.  Whether it be privacy, heat deduction, Blackout for shift workers… whatever the function is you require, ensure your choice will provide it.  Otherwise, you will regret your choices, and only end up wasting your money and time.  If you are unsure what the best options are you can send us an email or give us a call.  Our customer service team is trained to ensure you get the best option to meet your requirements.


Test the samples in your home setting before finalising the purchase

Don’t rush! Just because you’ve seen a great looking image does not mean it’s guaranteed to be the right choice in your home.  Ensure you are provided with a sample.  Check the quality, colour, shade, texture and other variables. Remember colours on digital monitors differ greatly so it’s not recommended to pick without a physical sample. Look at your sample vertically not sitting flat on a table as shading will change its appearance.  If you are able to hold it the window then do.  Check it by day and night as artificial lighting can also affect colour greatly.  To erase these issues, we offer our customers free samples and if you’re still unsure give us a call we can help. 


Make sure that you give accurate measurements

Giving us the exact measurements is important. The measurements of our blinds are mm perfect, so that there aren’t any unnecessary gaps.  You do not need to allow for brackets or error tolerances.  We do this for you.  You just need to provide us the finished width you require your blinds to be….do not round the measurements off.   It’s easy, just follow our measuring guide.  If you make an error and your blinds are too wide. We will cut them down at no charge.  Simply return them and advise the new measurement.  TIP Use reliable tools to measure with such as a metal builders tape.  These are inexpensive to purchase from local hardware stores.  If you’d like to get a little “Flash Harry” you can use a laser.  These are great but ensure you are measuring in a straight line and not on a diagonal, it’s a bit of a trap for young players…..  We also recommended that you use a ladder.


Check out all available accessories and options before making a purchase

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and we want you to understand all your options, so make sure you have a good look at our website, talk to our customer services team and compare to others.  Explore all available options, such as cordless operation, blackout, blockout thermals, a large array of colours and textures, patterns and much more. Don’t let any detail slip under the radar.


Cover your naked windows

Your first and foremost resolution on New Year’s Day should be to cover your naked windows! (Ok perhaps after drink less, exercise more and quite smoking). Don’t worry, if you’re not financially loaded.  We offer quality options for most budgets.  Give us a call or check us out on our website.