You’re gathered with your friends and family to watch a cult classic from the 80’s, but your cinematic experience is tarnished by that annoying glare, shaft of light, or washed out colours due to a bright room.  We’ve all experienced a similar situation one too many times.   Light and sound control are essential to a great movie experience.  We have complied a few tips to show how choosing the right window furnishings can make a big difference to your viewing pleasure.


Blockout and Thermal Blinds

If your goal is to block out as much unwanted light as possible then you are spoiled for choice.   Our thermal, blockout, and Roman blinds can all block out unwanted light.  If you are on a budget and prefer plain colours then our Vibe and Vibe Metallic range of fabrics are more than up to the task.  If you are after something a bit more fancy and would like a larger range to choose from then our thermal roller blinds not only give you a wider selection of textured and plain fabrics but also provide a higher thermal rating to help keep you warm during your movie watching experience.  If soft furnishings are your window covering of choice then our Roman Blinds are more than up to the task when it comes to light control.  All our Roman Blinds come with block out lining to not only extend the fabric life but also eliminate unwanted light coming through.  Finally, all the above options provide the added benefit of privacy.  If you like watching a good horror at night then it may be some comfort to know that someone is not staring back at you.


Sunscreen Blinds

If you are like me and your movie room doubles as a general living area then sun screen blinds can be an excellent choice.  They won’t block out all light however they will block out enough light to reduce the glare on the screen and enhance your movie watching experience.  They are also a great help on summer days when you just want to escape the sun and watch some TV.  Sunscreen blinds do a great job in keeping the room cool during summer so you can enjoy that latest block buster and not worry about the aging effects of UV on both yourself and your furnishings.  Sunscreen blinds also make it very difficult for people to see in during the day so you don’t have to worry about your neighbor judging you on your movie choice


Double Roller Blinds

Now that you know about the benefits of blockout and sunscreen blinds for your home theatre room you’re probably wondering if you can get the best of both worlds.  The answer is yes you can.  With our slimline double brackets you can mount both a blockout and a sunscreen blind in the same window giving you the ability to provide even more light control depending on your movie watching preference.


Outside versus Inside fit

The next question is whether to inside or outside fit your new blinds.  If you are wanting to block out as much light as possible then an outside fit is the way to go.  An outside fit means the blind completely covers the window and window frame and greatly reduces any light from sneaking out the sides.  An outside fit is the best choice if you are trying to eliminate as much unwanted light as possible.  If you are dead set on an inside fit then you will be pleased to know that the control systems we use have some of the smallest light gaps in the industry.  You will still get some light coming out between the edge of the blind and the window frame however it will be minimal.  It may be just the right amount of light you need to see your popcorn.


Motorised Blinds

For the ultimate window furnishing / movie watching experience motorised blinds are the way to go.  Pop yourself down in your favorite chair and simply grab your hand held remote to selectively raise and lower your blinds to your desired position.   If you’re really into automation (like me) then you can even group your blinds with a home projection screen so they will lower at the same time.  If you are after the wow factor, desire ease of use, or just want to show off to your friends then our motorised blind solutions are well worth investing in.   Talk to Urban Blinds about our mains and battery powered options.


The right window furnishings equal better sound

It was George Lucas who said that sound is 50% of the movie experience and we believe he is right.  Investing in a good sound system can make a world of difference to immersing you into the story as it unfolds.  Without getting into all the technical details around standing sound waves, believe it or not the shape of your room can make a big difference to sound quality.   Unless you happen to be building a new home or undertaking some major renovations this is not something you can easily change.  Thankfully there are ways to alleviate the issue.  Roller Blinds and especially soft furnishing such as Roman blinds do a great job at absorbing sound.  Not only does this reduce sound escaping the room and potentially disturbing other family members or neighbors, It helps reduce sound reflecting around the room which results in a better listening experience.


If you have any questions or are still considering the best window furnishing for any room in your home then give us a call and we can help.