Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning and raise all your blinds with a press of a button.  Automating your blinds can really add that wow factor to your home and you may be surprised how affordable it can be.  Are you considering automating your blinds and want to know more?  We have put together this guide to help answer the most common questions.


Can I automate my existing blinds?

Automating your blinds is usually easier when buying them new however it doesn’t mean you can’t automate them afterwards.  Our wire free battery motors can be retrofitted in many instances.  Give us a call and we can talk you through your options


I’m building or renovating my home, when do I need to consider my roller blinds?

The sooner the better, although you can install automated blinds at any time it’s definitely easier and more cost effective to do some planning up front.  We can have a chat to your electrician about pre wiring for our mains powered motors.  We can manage the entire process for you so when you are ready to move in your blinds are good to go with a press of a button.


Do I need an electrician?

No, we have a range of Wire Free Li-Ion powered blinds that do not require any wiring what so ever.


Where do the batteries go and how do I charge them?

Our Wire-Free motors include a Li-Ion battery that is installed inside the motor so you don’t have to worry about hiding the battery wand or sourcing your own batteries.  You can expect around 300 cycles between charges.  For the ultimate convenience we can also provide an optional solar panel so you never need to worry about recharging the batteries. 


How do I control my automated blinds?

The simplest and easiest way to control automated blinds is usually via a hand held remote. A good remote allows you to control your blinds up to 50m away.  You can also go for an optional wifi gateway. This allows you to operate your blinds using an App on your phone or tablet.


Can I control multiple blinds together?

Yes, you can group your blinds together so they all raise or lower at the same time.  How’s that for a nice time saving feature each day. 


What about putting automated blinds on a timer?

Yes, you can set up a schedule so your automated blinds will open and close at pre-defined times of the day.  We can also supply a sun sensor so they raise and lower automatically each day.  How’s that for convenience?


How about setting up different ‘scenes’ so certain blinds are lowered depending on my preference?

Yes, you can create different ‘scenes’ depending on the occasion.  Perhaps its movie night so all your block out blinds need to be lowered.  Want a different configuration during a dinner party? Not a problem, all of this is possible with the right automation solution.


I’m working with an existing automation specialist to automate my home.  Can the blinds be added into the system?

The answer is almost always yes.  Our automated blind solutions can be integrated into almost any existing or new home automation system.  Let us know and we can work with your provider so everything works seamlessly


How do I know I’m buying a reliable and quality product?

Most suppliers will proclaim the high quality of their products.  In reality this is not always the case.  Here’s a few tips to help you out,

-          Ask to know the brand of the motor and then check out their website. The better quality products will have invested in a good website to showcase their product and brand.

-          Check out the warranty.  How often do you hear claims of reliability and quality only to find out the product only comes with a 1-2 year warranty?  Look for a brand that stands by their product with a 5+ year warranty that’s backed by the supplier, not only the retailer.

-          A professional looking brochure with all the technical facts and figures is also a good indicator that the product is from a reputable supplier.

-          Ask to go to their showroom and check out the motors and remotes for yourself.  A good quality motor will not make too much noise

-          See if the motor has a smart phone app and then check out the app. 



At Urban Blinds we specialise in automating window furnishings. If you are after a single blind in that hard to reach window or an entire home automation solution then we can help.  We use reputable brands such as Acmeda and Somfy due to their performance and reliability.  Give us a call now to discuss your project.