There’s no stopping the march of progress. Whether it’s’ technology, fashion, medicine or home design, people are constantly improving, refining and innovating things we use in our everyday lives. This statement is true, even for things like window treatments.
Although the changes in window treatments isn’t as obvious, the industry has seen some improvements and advancements.

At Urban Blinds we’re proud to offer some of the highest-quality window treatments.  It’s our goal to provide our customers with the latest and greatest, so they can enjoy all the benefits of modern furnishings.

If you’re on the fence about upgrading you’re ageing window coverings – or you’re just curious about what’s changed in the world of blinds, check out the following reasons why modern window treatments are better.

Higher Quality Materials

By using fabrics from leading suppliers such as SHAW and GAT agencies we can ensure our fabrics are the best quality on the market.
We know this as each fabric goes through rigorous testing to ensure these fabrics are made for the Australasia climate and will withstand the harsh UV Rays.


With new house builds and renovations happening nationwide, having made to measure custom blinds is a must.  With window sizes changing there’s no longer a ‘standard’ window size making ready-made blinds no longer the best/easy option.
Customising your blinds by choosing everything from the fabric colour to the bracket colours allows you to have blinds that fit in with your overall interior design. This leaves you happy with the final product rather than looking at a window covering that doesn’t fit your window properly and isn’t quite the right shade.

Greater variety of colours and textures

Colour schemes and textures quickly fall in and out of fashion. The window covering you purchased 20 years ago may look outdated, faded or simply no longer matches your homes current décor and style.  Thankfully there are more options than ever for personalising the appearance of your window treatments. All of our Roller Blind fabric ranges have a dozen or more colour choices. 
If you’re a person looking for the ‘wow’ factor to your Roller Blinds then our new and exciting textured Blockout and Light Filtering ranges are for you, these textures give more depth and personality to the blinds.
If you’re a person whom wants the blinds to blend in then our plain Sunscreen, Blockout and Thermal ranges are for you.
With greater variety comes more choice to suit everyone.

Motorised blinds are now affordable for all

Motorised Roller Blinds have been around for a while, however with recent innovations we see more user friendly and affordable products coming available to the market. From mains motors to battery operated motors, there’s always a solution. 
The motors sit within the Roller Blind tube meaning there’s no ugly box on the outside of the blind, everything is neat and tidy and can be retro fitted to existing homes without the need for wiring.  You can even control your blinds from your smart device.

Online reviews and product descriptions give you more information

A part of purchasing the right production for yourself is doing your research before you make a purchase. That includes checking out reviews, carefully reviewing product information and technical specifications. With the amount of information online and the ability to use the ‘talk to us now’ chat boxes on websites asking questions and finding answers has never been so easy!