Furniture shopping can be exhausting, between having to traipse from store to store to compare choices and prices to having to deal with pushy salesmen. On top of this, you also have to worry about delivery and installation fees. But the internet has changed how we shop, and shopping for the home is no different. You can now browse hundreds of options, find out specific details and measurements and even order color samples without leaving the comfort of your home. We’ve put together a list of top products to buy online and save yourself the stress:


Assembly-required furniture

Perfect for online shopping, boxed furniture may require an afternoon to put together, but it is often delivered by standard delivery services, unlike bulky sofas. This means it doesn’t require a pair of strongmen to carry it in, and saves money on shipping costs. Today’s lightweight ready-to-assemble furniture is also much more durable and high-quality, so there’s no reason not to browse away.


Accent pieces

The primary purpose of an accent piece is to tie your room together, and it can be hard to find the perfect item when having to visit multiple different stores and compare prices for all of them. Being able to browser hundreds of options, with specialised search engines that narrow results based on size, price and color, will save both time and money, making your decision that much easier.


Pillows, sheets, and blankets

Buying bedding is especially tricky, because it can be very hard to tell which soft-as-down blankets will last, and which will fray and become worn after a few washes. This is where reviews are particularly important, as others will be able to guide you towards quality products, and you can still access a wide range of color and style options without having to compromise on quality.



Like accent pieces, it can be hard to track down a rug that will match your room’s aesthetic, and when you do eventually find one, chances are it will not come cheap. But online retailers often have great sales, allowing you to choose the perfect rug from thousands of varieties, and get a good deal too.



Replacing a mattress is an expensive task, and some are hesitant to make such a big purchase without trying it out first. But buying a mattress based on a couple of minutes sitting on it at a store is no better. Determine the best option for you by comparing hundreds of online reviews, and many retailers offer a trial period with a money back guarantee.


Roller, Venetian, and Roman Blinds

At Urban Blinds, we offer a wide range of window treatments along with detailed product descriptions and the option to even customise products to ensure you get the best deal for the perfect product. With plenty of user reviews to compare your options, and the ability to order samples, you can rest assured in your purchases.   We are even seeing more and more people choose our mortised blinds for ease of use and the extra wow factor.  We also offer a sure-to-fit guarantee so you can measure for your new blinds with confidence.