Purchasing new window coverings can be an exciting time however there can be a lot of misinformation out there that can make the process a lot more complicated than it needs to be and potentially influence you away from your preferred option.  To help you out we have dispelled the most common myths that are circulating around.

If you still after some guidance after reading this article then feel free to reach out to us directly.


It’s too hard to measure, order and install blinds by yourself


This is a common misconception and one that is usually propagated by traditional brick and mortar retail stores.  At Urban Curtains and Blinds our online ordering process is the simplest you will find anywhere with clear easy to follow steps that guide you through the process with ease.  When it comes to measuring we provide an easy to follow measuring guide.  If you know how to use a measuring tape then you are good to go.  When it comes to installation we provide a handy 1 page installation guide.  We are also available via phone to answer any questions you may have.  If you prefer us to take care of all of this then we can organise installation and a check measure for you.


There is a limited range of fabrics that may not match your home décor


Blinds have come a long way over the years and there is a large range of fabric choices now available on the market, from plains through to patterned and textured.  At Urban Curtains and Blinds we source our fabric ranges from the leading fabric houses in NZ.  Where others offer a handful of choices sourced from china we have access to a range of over one hundred fabrics specifically tested for NZ conditions and standards.  Finding that perfect match for your existing décor has never been easier.


The size of your windows are not standard


We don’t think there is such a thing as a standard window size anymore.  From the traditional kiwi bungalow to a modern architecture masterpiece, windows come in all shapes and sizes and so do our blinds.  There is almost no window that we cannot make a blind for.  We don’t stop at windows either.  We have blind solutions for large glass doors or other large openings


Furnishing your windows is just too expensive


When it comes to window furnishings then the sky is definitely the limit when it comes to price.  However it doesn’t have to be that way.  When it comes to window furnishings roller blinds would have to be one of the most fashionable and inexpensive choices in the market.  Check out our range of custom made blinds to be pleasantly surprised at what your money will buy


Blinds won’t block out all of the light


When it comes to bedrooms, nurseries, or the coveted home theatre room, blocking out all light is something you probably want to aim for.  Both our block out and thermal range of fabrics deliver 100% light blockage meaning you can eliminate almost all the light coming in from the window.  If you prefer your blinds to fit inside the window frame then you will want to consider light gaps.  Smaller is better and we have the best in the industry.   Learn more at - http://www.urbanblinds.co.nz/news/light-gaps/.  Fitting your blinds outside the frame is your best bet for achieving total darkness.


Window furnishings will block out too much light and darken the room


With our harsh NZ sun it is important that we protect our furniture and flooring from those harsh UV rays.  On the other hand we don’t want to block out all that sunlight.  You can now get eco-friendly sun filter fabrics for your blinds that can block out enough of the light to protect your furniture while still letting in a nice amount of natural light.  The fabric also provides privacy during the day and allows you to still see the view out the window.  Of course if you want to let in all the light then an outside mounted blind provides the convenience of raising them so they are completely out of the way


Cords and chains can look unsightly and potentially dangerous to small children


It is true that cords and chains can pose a choking hazard to small children and pets.  That is why we provide a chain safety hook with all our blinds as standard.   For a step up in class we recommend you go for our stainless steel chains.  Far more resistant to corrosion and rust than chrome plated and something that feels and looks more substantial.  For the ultimate in convenience then you can look at replacing the chain all together with our battery or mains powered motors.  Check out our article on chain safety - http://www.urbanblinds.co.nz/news/makeitsafe/


Window furnishings are hard to clean


Roller blinds are a great choice in areas that may be exposed to dirt and grime such as a kitchen or bathroom.  Our Vibe range of block out fabrics and Ecolibrium range of sun filter fabrics can be easily and quickly cleaned with a damp cloth. A quick wipe and your blinds could be good as new again.   Check our cleaning article for more details - http://www.urbanblinds.co.nz/news/fabric-choices/


The view will be blocked by your window coverings

If you own a home with a beautiful cityscape or landscape view, you may be hesitant to cover it up with blinds because of the potential that they will spoil your view. However, in many cases, window coverings can actually enhance your view by properly framing it and diffusing the light.  Our sun filter blinds allow privacy during the day while maintaining that beautiful view out your window.  Our Thermal blinds can be raised during the day to provide unobstructed views and lowed again at night for privacy.