The way we purchase goods is changing.  Thanks to technology we have the ability to research, browse and order our favourite products from the comfort of our home.  From buying a TV to ordering the food you need for next week’s dinners, it all can be done online.  Thanks to Urban Blinds the same is true for purchasing new blinds.   We pride ourselves as being the premier online blinds company by providing a modern online experience that allows you to browse and select fabric samples and then when you are ready order your new blinds to your exact requirements using our step by step ordering process.  If you get stuck or have any questions on the way then we still offer that personal touch and you can pick up the phone and call us anytime to discuss your ideas.


Check out these other benefits when ordering your window furnishing solutions online,


Avoid traffic congestion and shopping malls.

If you are like us then you avoid shopping malls whenever possible and if you live in one of the main centres around NZ then you can understand that traffic congestion is not going to improve anytime soon.  By going online you can avoid making multiple trips across town by ordering your samples, making your fabric section, and placing the order all from the convenience of home.  You avoid making additional trips down the road and give yourself some precious time back in your day.


Order free samples to help with the decision making process

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have when ordering blinds online is the worry of choosing the wrong fabric as they are not able to see the choices in person.  Although you can browse all our fabrics online, due to the inconsistency between the way photos are taken and the way different monitors display colours we cannot guarantee the fabric you pick is the same as what you expect.  Different environmental lighting in your home can also affect the perceived appearance of your fabric choice.  To provide more certainty on your fabric or colour choices we offer and encourage you to order free samples to help with making the right decision.   You can then share your ideas with your friends, feel the fabric texture, and check your selection against other furniture and décor in the room.


Quickly and easily review and price up different fabric and control options

Having the ability to review various fabric and control options and compare the difference in price instantly is a big time saver.   You don’t have to leave your details with someone and wait for them to get back to you with a price.  If you change your selection then you don’t need to go through the waiting process again.  You can instantly play around with the options and review the price in real time.  Once you have made a decision ordering the blinds is almost instant.

Delivered directly to your door with care

Getting those new blinds home from the store can be a big hassle, blinds can be up to 3 meters long and just don’t fit into all cars.  There is also a risk of damage.  When ordering online we take care of those hassles by packaging and delivering your new blinds directly to your door with care.


Shop at your convenience - Open 24 hours

You’re not limited to traditional shop hours (or the hassle of going to the shop).  Online you can browse fabric selections and place orders any time of the day or night. 


Instantly access measuring and installation guides

Measuring and installing your new blind can seem daunting to some however we are here to reassure you that with the correct guidance almost anyone is up to the task.   You can instantly access our measuring and install guides online and through the power of the internet there is a wealth of DIY video guides.  And remember we are just a phone call away if you need any help.  Finally we do offer an install service for some parts of the country or can recommend a good installer in your area. With the correct guidance you can take on this simple DIY project and save yourself some money.


Instantly review honest feedback of what it’s like dealing with Urban Blinds.

When shopping around for window furnishings is can be difficult to tell if the blinds you’re considering are as high quality as they appear or the company makes out.  Best price guarantees usually means sacrifices are made in quality.  Is the fabric made for NZ conditions and free of nasty chemicals, will it fray and rot in our NZ sun.  Are the lifting components reliable, smooth, and able to stand the test of time?  You really need an unbiased opinion which rules out most sales reps.  

This is where the power of the internet and online shopping really kicks in through the ability to access and review unbiased customer feedback.  Hearing what other customers have to say is a great way of providing the reassurance that you are buying a quality product backed by great support.  At Urban Blinds we encourage all feedback both good and constructive.  You can view ours on our Facebook page or the customer testimonials on our website.


Handing over your credit card details online is safer

A big misconception around making a purchase online is the fear of your credit card details falling into the wrong hands. In reality using your credit card online should be safer than handing it over the counter to the shop assistant.  NZ websites and banks need to follow strict compliance rules when processing credit card transactions.  Your credit card data is secured every step of the way and is never made visible to others.  In comparison, when dealing with an in store sales assistant they do have direct access and visibility of your credit card details.