Did you know you can link up to four blinds together?  Great when you have large windows to cover.


A challenge you get when your blinds go beyond 2.5 metres in width is an effect called bowing.  Due to the tensile strength of the fabric you start getting a ripple effect in the fabric as it hangs down.  The occurrence of this is more prevalent as the blind width increases.  To minimise the effects of this we use heavy-duty tubing for all blinds over 2.5 metres.   This really helps but as an alternative you can also look at using linked blinds

JoinerLinked blinds are a great choice when your windows or doors are over 3 metres or you want to split your blinds in two so you can open and close them independently from each other.    If this is the case then we have a solution for you.  Using our linked blind technology you can link up to four blinds together and then control them as one or as two separate groups.   Using our sleek and modern joiner brackets we are able to reduce the gap between joined blinds to less than 17mm, an industry best that minimises the light gap and provides a stylish clean look to your windows. As a comparison if you were to place 2 single blinds next to each other the light gap would be more than 30mm and you would have to look at 2 sets of brackets.

A common use for this is with glass doors that have an adjoining window.  With a linked blind you can independently control each blind depending on your needs.

If you have corner or bay windows, we also offer angle joiner brackets that allow you to join up to three blinds together which can be operated either as one or independently.  The perfect solution for those sun drenched bay windows.

If you are after double blinds (see our recent article on this) then you can link those as well.

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