If you’re building a new home or simply want to modernise your existing home then we can help.  We have a range of both mains powered and battery powered automated blinds that can all be operated with your voice when used in conjunction with an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device*


Simply say “Alexa, turn on lounge shades” or “Hey Google, open kitchen shades to 50%” and your new roller blinds will set themselves to the desired position.  Create groups within your Alexa app to control your blinds with other smart devices within your home for the ultimate in convenience and ease of use. Wouldn’t it be great to say “Alexa, watch a movie” and the TV turns on, the lights are dimmed, and your roller blinds are lowered.  All of this is now possible.


How to get started

 Talk to us now about how we can modernise your home and provide that wow factor with our range of automated voice compatible blinds.

If you’re ready to go you can simply order online now.  Follow our intuitive online design process and select one of the motorised control options and a WiFi Hub.


*Amazon Alexa and Google Home sold separately

* Google home integration requires IFTTT.