At Urban Blinds, we believe that the safety and wellbeing of our families is important and we’re confident you agree with us.  We all take measures to ensure our families, home and possessions are safe, secure and protected. But did you know that blinds can also play a role too? The benefits of right type of blinds is often overlooked for their contribution to security, health, privacy, and protection of belongings.

Here’s a few ways blinds assist;


Blinds protect your privacy

Keep prying eyes out of the inside of your home with our wide variety of blinds can be a great deterrent for would be burglars. This doesn’t just relate to closing your blinds when you go away, as there’s much debate of this theory. It’s also about ensuring your family and belongings are not visible by night. Did you know that some window furnishing become transparent when it’s dark outside and your lights are on!?  This would allow anyone to see directly into your home as clear as if it was day. Without correct blinds all your privacy is lost. Yes, your neighbours and other passers-by can see EVERYTHING (yikes). The solution could be as simple as double blinds that offer both day and night time privacy, or if you travel a lot or you own a holiday home perhaps an automated system that allows your blinds to go up and down in your absence would be of great benefit.

Compliant blinds protect children

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness about the potential dangers that chain driven blinds pose to small children. This has prompted Australia to make cord safety a legal requirement. Although it’s not yet a legal requirement in New Zealand. Urban Blinds goes beyond legal requirements and provides free safety chain hooks with all chain driven Roller and Roman Blinds. These safety chain hooks are designed to keep cords safely out of reach, helping to protect small children and pets. In addition, we also offer motorisation, which eliminates the risk of cord-related injuries completely.

Blinds protect your skin

We all know about how harsh the New Zealand sun is and how we should protect ourselves and loved ones from its damaging rays. But did you know that you can get sun burn inside your home? Although it’s not as dangerous as direct exposure, sunlight can still penetrate through glass and damage skin. So when you’re standing in your kitchen and the sun is beaming in on you or when you’re sitting on the couch and the suns streaming in and the heats getting unbearable, consider sunscreen blinds. They are a great way of providing comfort and protection from the suns damaging rays.

Blinds enhance your sleep and overall well-being

There’s nothing better for your health and vitality than a good night’s sleep (aka beauty sleep). But did you know you are proven to have a better sleep if your room is dark, quiet and temperature is at a warm regulated level?  Although we can’t do much about your partners snoring, installing light-blocking, noise-reducing, and temperature-insulating blinds is a great way to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, enhancing your health and giving you more energy during the day. It’s also vital for the well-being of your loved ones as a grumpy sleep deprived family member (mum) can be hazardous for all.