Window furnishings have traditionally lagged behind when it comes to technology.  At Urban Blinds we love challenging tradition.  Therefore we are proud to introduce the latest in window fashion automation, the IQ Smart Home.


What is the IQ Smart Home?  A small box that you plug into your home that in combination with our range of blinds motors allows you to control your window furnishings from the convenience of your phone or tablet.


With the IQ Smart Home you take ease of use to the next level.  Via your iPhone or Android you can create groups of blinds you want to control based on the mood or scene you want to set, or if pushing a button sounds like hard work then you can create a schedule on a timer and the blinds will automatically raise or lower at your preferred times.  Great if you don’t have an alarm clock, you have teenage kids that require that extra motivation to get out of bed, or maybe you just want to impress your friends at your next dinner party.


remote15Why is this important to me?  By adding motors to your blinds you remove the need for chains, reducing wear due to the chain rubbing on the fabric while raising them.  For our parents out there you get the added reassurance that there are no chains hanging around to tempt little ones.  And let us not forget the ease of use.   We provide remotes with all our blinds so you simply have to click to open and close and then walk away, a great time saver when you have a number of blinds to raise or lower each day.  No chains also means less clutter.


If you are building a new home or looking at replacing your existing window furnishings then now is a great time to consider automating the way you operate your blinds.  We offer both mains and battery powered options so we have a solution for just about every situation.


iSmartHome logoGet in touch with the team at Urban Curtains and Blinds and we can have a chat about your project and how our motorised solutions can add that wow factor, ease of use, and time back into your day.