Online shopping has made it easier than ever to buy everything you need for your home. However as with any purchase, getting the right window coverings for your home is best accomplished with a little research and preparation.


Not all blinds offer the same benefits. Some are better for reducing heat, some are better for creating a dark space…. The list goes on.   If you don’t understand your requirements and what each option offers, it can be difficult to tell if the blind you are choosing is the correct type to meet your needs.


At Urban Blinds we’re dedicated to selling only the highest-quality window coverings at a competitive price.  So you can be confident that you have come to the right place.  We are a modern retailer, choosing to have a digital shop rather than bricks and mortar.  Meaning you can shop and research when it suites you.  We still offer everything that other stores do.  So if the below tips haven’t left you 100% confident in your choice, then give us a call, email or even text and our customer service team will be happy to talk you though your options. 

Decide what your needs are for every room that you’re equipping with window coverings 

Window covering needs vary from room to room, depending on your overall needs and design. It’s important to take your time and figure out why you’re buying new window coverings.  The functions of blinds and curtains can differ depending on the fabric options you chose.  For example; Thermal blockout roller blinds will create a great thermal insulating barrier to help keep your home warm and offer night time privacy, however they are not great if you require daytime privacy, as you don’t want to block out all natural light during the day.  A sunscreen roller blind offers 100% daytime privacy whilst allowing you to see out and importantly allow natural light in, they are truly remarkable.  However this function reverses at night so they won’t offer any night time privacy.  A double Roller blind system allows you to have one of each hanging in the same window.   This gives an excellent all round solution.  Roman blinds fitted to the outside of the window frames has great thermal properties and is great for making bedrooms very dark which is perfect for kids rooms.  There are many options and your preferences can play a big role when it comes to getting the right window coverings, so make sure you know what role your new window covering need to fill.

Settle on a budget 

There are often more than one solution that will meet your needs and these options can vary greatly in price.  So having an established budget makes it easier to hone in on window coverings that won’t break the bank, especially when buying a house lot. Roller blinds are typically one of the most cost effective window coverings.  Although, a venetian blinds can be cheaper if you are requiring both day and night privacy and are willing to lose some of the functionality that a double roller blind system would offer.  Roman blinds and curtains tend to be one of the more expensive options however this can be very dependent on the size, make quality, and fabrics chosen.  By getting quotes prior to ordering you’ll have a better idea of cost difference between your needs and wants. 

Browse our website and check out the product pages, reviews and gallery. 

We offer a wide range of window coverings from roller blinds, venetian blinds, roman blinds, and curtains.  There’s an option for every area of your home. Whilst it helps to begin your search process with a preference between blinds and curtains, and even specific varieties within those categories, shopping around and checking our entire selection may open your eyes to new options.  Be sure to read our product descriptions, reviews and check out our gallery.  Photos can really help.  If your still not 100% confident you have the best option, or just need to double check, just give us a call.  We are here to help.

Choose the options you want. 

After you’ve narrowed down your list of choices, you can further refine your choice by deciding on the customization options, from things like fabric colour, bottom rail colour, and chain colour to even choosing the bracket colours you can quickly and efficiently lock in on the perfect window coverings for your home.

Order samples to get an in-person view of what your window covering will look like. 

You’ve done all the initial steps and you’re almost ready to order. But before you do, consider ordering free samples to get a better impression on colours and textures.  Although we try to ensure colours are as accurate as we can get them in photos, monitors all show colour differently.  So we highly recommend you request free samples before ordering.