Looking for something special for the kids’ room?   We now have a range of roller blind fabrics especially designed with kids in mind.  Pop over to our fabric sample page to check out what we have and keep an eye out as we increase our range over the coming months. 


Traditionally you have been limited to the more ‘mature’ range of fabric options when it comes to roller blinds.  At Urban Curtains and Blinds we love breaking away from tradition and are excited to offer an increasing range of fabrics that are sure to interest our younger fans.


G-Raff (pictured below) is a continuous rolled fabric which means you always get the full print on most windows.  It appeals to both girls and boys and provides a great way to add colour to the room while providing practical light control and thermal benefits.


If you are after trains, planes, and automobiles then we have a fabric for you, and those that prefer fairies are covered as well.


Finally, all our kids fabrics are backed by reputable NZ suppliers so you have peace of mind that you know what’s in the fabric, it’s safe, and is made for our conditions.