NZ’s most popular modern window furnishing. Available in a large number of fabric types and colours designed for NZ conditions and trends. Our roller blinds come with a lifetime warranty, the smallest light gaps in the industry and a selection of control options. We aim to have your new roller blinds manufactured in 5 working days.


When you are after both sun protection and privacy during the day and complete privacy at night, our double blind system allows the mounting of both a sunscreen and a block out blind in the same window using a single set of discreet slim line double brackets.


For windows over 2.6 metres and up to 5.5 meters we recommend our linked blind system. We use a single linking bracket to reduce the light gap while providing an option to operate each blind either independently or as a group.


Sun Filter cloth still allows you to admire the view from your window but provides a level of privacy by limiting the amount of light coming in. Not only does this provide cooling in those hot summer months but it also helps protect your flooring and furniture from fading caused by our unforgiving summer sun. A common compliment we get is the cooling aspects that shade cloth provides and the feeling of lying under a shaded tree on a hot summers day. Our Sun Filter range comes in both 3% and 5%. A 5% will block out 95% of light. This is the most common choice. However 3% is recommended for areas that require more UV protection or to reduce glare on surfaces such as TV’s or computer screens.
Tip - the darker the colour the more transparent the view out the window.


Considered an entry level roller blind fabric blackout is great when you really want privacy or you need to reduce most of the light coming into a room. If you’re like us then you like to watch movies in a darkened room and really enjoy the movie experience. Block out is an ideal choice


Thermal blinds provide both privacy and block out capabilities with the added benefits of thermal protection for your windows, reducing the loss of heat during those colder winter months. Not only do they look great but they can save money on heating as well. They come in a much larger selection of fabrics and are of a higher standard than Blackout only fabrics. If you are after a premium and practical finish to your windows then Thermal fabrics are the way to go.

We provide a range of quality fabrics that are sourced from reputable fabric houses and lab tested to ensure they are fit and safe for both commercial and home use in NZ. Full fabric specifications available on request.

Standard chain.

We use a high quality double ball chain that comes in a range of colours. We also include a free child safe tensioning hook to keep the chain out of harm’s way.

Ultra Glide Geared Chain Control.

Using the latest technology, this innovative new chain control offers less effort and a smoother experience when operating your blinds by utilising a 1 to 1.5 geared ratio. This new system means less effort and a smoother feel in operating your blinds.

Mains motor.

Adding a motor that is operated by remote control provides an elegant solution for controlling your roller blinds. Simply pressing a button will raise or lower the blinds to your preferred position. A mains motor is the best choice if building a new home or you have access to a power feed

Solar motor.

The same as our wirefree motor with all the benefits but you also get a solar panel that can be discreetly mounted behind the roller blind. Ideal for those hard to reach blinds.

Wirefree battery motor.

Our wirefree motor requires no electrical wiring as it has an inbuilt Lithium Ion battery which achieves an outstanding 200 cycles per charge. An optional solar powered charger will ensure our motor is continuously charged, resulting in an energy efficient set and forget solution.

Hand held remote controls.

Comes in single or 15 channel varieties that can be programmed to operate individual or groups of roller blinds on each channel. Modern in design and easy to program, the remotes have a 200 metre range and feature a slim line magnetic wall mount, or can be handheld.

Wifi hub.

Control your window furnishings with ease with an app on your phone or tablet. Set up groups of roller blinds and ‘scenes’ on a timer so your blinds automatically open and close at predefined times of the day. Great for busy families or when you’re away from home.

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